Heatherdene Folk Dance Club

friendly and informal barn dancing in Harrogate

About the Dance Club - your questions answered

What kind of folk dancing? The dances are mainly British in origin and are variously known as Folk dances, Barn dances or Country dances.

Are there public displays in costume? No! The meetings are primarily recreational evenings where people dance solely for their own enjoyment.

What age and sex? Any age or sex is allowed. All you need is arms, legs and a sense of humour.

What do I wear? Any casual clothes but wear shoes suitable for dancing - high heels or mules are not a good idea!

Is there music? Yes. Live music is the norm and will vary from session to session. We have a mixture of local bands and musicians who are willing to provide music for the dancers.

Are there refreshments? Yes, there is a licensed bar for both alcoholic or soft drinks.

Do I have to know what to do? No. Previous experience is not required. All the dances are explained before starting and a caller will keep everyone informed of the movements during the dance.

Will I need a partner? No. Only a willingness to 'have a go'.

Will I make friends? Yes. We cannot stop this happening!

Will I enjoy myself? Unfortunately this is usually the case!

Why is the club called Heatherdene? For many years since it was formed the club was held in Heatherdene Cottage and the name was continued even when it became necessary to relocate to the Oatlands Mount Club.

How much will it cost? Regular dancers become members of the Oatlands Mount Club and make contributions towards the musicians expenses which equates to approximately £2.50 per session.

How old is the Dance Club? It was established in 1986 by a group of interested friends, many of whom are still members.

How do I join? Just turn up at one of the sessions.

Can I find out more? Yes, just click here.

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