Heatherdene Folk Dance Club

friendly and informal barn dancing in Harrogate


Date Details
Monday 9th January Augmented Chords - New Year Super Troupers
Monday 23rd January Fool's Jig - Mix and Match
Monday 6th February John and Elaine Warin - Tip Top Twosome
Monday 20th February Polka Dots - Triple Entendre
Monday 6th March Tap Room Band - Lyrical Home Brew
Monday 20th March Blind Panic - Girl Power
Monday 3rd April Alterego - Triple XXX
Monday 24th April Augmented Chords - Melodies A Go Go
Monday 8th May All Fools Ceilidh Band - Local Experts
Monday 22nd May Village Hop Band - With The Extra .... AAARRUMPH !!!
Monday 5th June Greensleeves - Ros In Charge
Monday 19th June Witchazel - Carolyn's Capers
Monday 3rd July Cobblers Wax - End Of Year Partry Poppers !!

The Tap Room Band on 18th November 2013 : Heatherdene's largest band yet?